Quality Control


• QC/Technical Support
We have experienced QC staff. Testing machines such as office chair durability tester, back strength tester, etc., aid us in our QC process.

• Staff

• Standards & Approvals

• Materials/Components
Taiwan, China
Hong Kong

Drop test instrument


Universal testing instrument for chair-base durability

• Other Information
OEM/ODM orders are also accepted.

• Procedures/testing Details
Total quality control is strictly observed in the whole production process to ensure products are of good condition. IQC, PQC, QA Quality Control procedures are carried out in our factory. Following tests are also conducted:

o Static Load Test
o Dynamic Load Test (Drop Test)
o Stability Test
o Leg Strength
o Arm Strength
o Backrest
o Corrosion Resistance
o Upholstery Performance




OEM Services


On-going OEM production





• OEM Capability
Semi-automated production process is facilitated in our factory to meet customer's demands. Skilled production workers and dedicated R&D team are always at hand to meet your specifications.

• Size of factory
50,000 sq. m

• Quality Standards & Approvals
o ANSI/BIFMA approvals
o BS 5852 Standard for Foam & Fabric
o CA 117 Standard for Foam
o BS 2543 Standard for Fabric
o BS4875, DD ENV 12520, EN1335 Standard

• Staff details
o Production Staff - 200 to 250
o QC Staff - 15
o R&D Staff - 15

Design Services Offered : Yes

Buyers Label Offered : Yes

o Taiwan
o China
o Hong Kong
o Germany

Machinery/Equipment for OEM
Semi-automated production process enable us to meet customers' specifications.

Major Markets Served
North America, Europe, Central/South America
, Asia & Australia




Research and Development

• R&D Staff
o 15

• Machinery / Equipment for R&D
o We use CAD/CAM system and modern instruments in our research.


Each product design is carefully studied





Our R&D staff sharing ideas

• Innvoating Quality Products Made Possible Through Constant Research and Development
o Aimed at providing customers with only the best, our dedicated R&D team of engineers and technicians steadily work to come up with innovative, top quality products to meet existing market demands.
We have also consulted experts in manufacturing furniture to ensure our products’ competitiveness. Hence, huyers are assured of high quality products promptly shipped to them.





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